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Project Management

PMC can assist and execute project management whether clients are using Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean or Six Sigma. All projects are implemented within agreed time frame and budget, guidelines are set throughout the project from initiating to closing. Each project has their unique selling point, key performance indicators and measurable metrics to visualise results in all stages from planning, implementing, executing to controlling till final stage of closing the project.

Marketing Workshop

PMC offers custom-made marketing workshops either for upskilling employees or partnership alignments to gain advantage from learning useful knowledge from marketing insights. One of the major perks for attending marketing workshop is being able to acquire latest trends, business templates and skillsets to enrich business development by fulfilling gaps between market trends and employee’s talent to maximize all their potentials to create better corporate performance.

Business Performance Evaluation

PMC beliefs business strategies should be derived from realistic information (data analysis and marketing metrics), that includes marketing mix, brand assets, balancing opportunities and risks, nurture customer relationship, enhance operation efficiency, boost sales performance, effective channel management. “A picture is worth a thousand words” – business modelling, infographics and dashboards are the best representations to reflect company’s status by putting complex ideas into simple format, most importantly is present up to date dashboards for C-suits to review. Simplify complicated matters to realistic solutions to leverage company’s performance from maximizing profits to minimize risks and challenges.

Data Management

Business decisions must be based on facts and figures, company’s strategies should be derived from realistic information – marketing metrics. That includes marketing mix performance, brand equity, marketing expenses returns, customer relationship effectiveness, business strategies index, operation efficiency, sales metrics, channel management effectiveness, promotion evaluations, online channels, and emails effectiveness. Management levels should simultaneously make their qualitative decisions with the support of quantitative results to minimize risk for company.

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