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About PMC

The founder of Pure Marketing Consultancy (PMC) has over 24 years of experience in the marketing field with professional recognition as a Chartered Marketer, CIM (United Kingdom), who also holds a BSc Degree in Psychology and Mathematics (University of New South Wales, Australia) and a MSc Degree in Business Management and Data Analytics (University of Essex, United Kingdom) research on Sustainable Business Model Innovation (SBMI) in Asia Pacific.

PMC is confident in providing professional advice in customized solutions to achieve clients' business objectives. PMC specializes in lead generation, developing effective marketing plans, strengthening brand strategies, and evaluating business value propositions through data management. PMC helps clients establish sustainable business plans through professional marketing skills, digital marketing tools, and tailor-made strategic plans for different industries. With PMC, clients can streamline marketing workflows and manage projects efficiently while developing sustainable business plans.

Your Partner inDriving Business Growth

  • Circular business  transformation

  • e-Business start-up

  • Innovative green marketing strategies

  • Marketing enhancement workshop

  • NPD projects

  • Sustainable business strategies (ESG and SBMI strategies)

  • AI Marketing

  • Brand management

  • Customer relationship management

  • Data management

  • Digital marketing management

  • Project management

  • Business development strategies

  • Business model restructuring

  • Business analysis and evaluation

  • Content marketing

  • Marketing plans

  • Social media marketing

Empower your business with invaluable insights,

data-driven solutions and personalized guidance

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