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e-Business Start-Up

What Is This About?

A business startup is initiated by an investor or entrepreneur aiming to generate income which requires plans to be effectively developed, with validated business models as a ground base that consist of website, graphic design, and video making for branding and advertising in social media platforms. Entrepreneurs intend to grow the business beyond the solo founder, increase employees, or enlarge the business to become influential. Startups face high uncertainty and may suffer the risk of failure. Therefore, it requires PMC to conduct research, forming detailed plans from sales strategies to target customer profiling, consistent measurements are crucial to ensure stable growth of the company.

PMC assists clients or the founder(s) in the startup process to begin with market validation by market and competitive research, discover problems, and recommend solutions to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), i.e. a prototype to develop and validate their effective business models. PMC adopts Lean Start-Up methodology, enhances sustaining effort in challenges, and reduces failure rates and uncertain outcomes by providing an effective and valid business model

How Can PMC Improve Your Business

PMC provides a comprehensive solution to assist clients who are interested in starting a new business. We offer market research, business opportunity evaluation, and risk avoidance services, all in one place. We provide roadmaps to encourage clients to think out of the box and develop their new business. This includes designing an eye-catching company logo and developing an interesting website that suits their business objectives to reach their target audience.

PMC has a One-Stop-Shop package for all business starters, from market research, and graphic design (logo and business card), to website and social media content creation. In addition to the basic ideas, PMC will help starters conduct risk evaluations, estimate start-up costs, and look for sales connections. We can further help starters with business strategies and marketing plans for 1 to 3 years long. e-Business is more cost-effective compared to traditional business setup, also more efficient when reaching and engaging audiences at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, and less expensive to approach a wider and diverse audience to maximize the return on investment. All suggested plans will be based on various business models and marketing metrics to ensure each stage is proceeding logically.

Benefits from working with PMC

PMC assists clients in fulfilling their dream of following their passion and being their boss with flexibility, profitable income, and self-fulfilment rewards to achieve work-life balance at the same time get to choose the people you work with and get to take on the risk – and reap the rewards that get things done faster. Feel pride in building something of your own in a new venture to grow and generate new sources of income that enrich self-esteem and contribute to the community.

From a customer service perspective, it is much easier in e-business to personalize and customize products (services). Such as tailored communication to enhance a brand image to create personalized content and offers to individual customer preferences, enhancing engagement and loyalty. With a professional customer-centric approach, PMC delivers relevant and valuable content to improve overall customer experience.

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