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Innovative Green Strategies

What Is This About?

Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe, and that incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, sustainable packaging, as well as modifying advertising that includes greenwashing, social washing, and blue washing. Green, environmental, and eco-marketing are part of the new marketing approaches which do not just refocus, adjust, or enhance existing marketing thinking and practice, but seek to challenge those approaches and provide a substantially different perspective, focus marketing efforts on messages that communicate a product's green benefits in both greenwashing and green branding. Process of selling products and or services based on their environmental benefits.


Such a product or service may be environmentally friendly or produced in an environmentally friendly way by creating an eco-friendly product, using eco-friendly packaging, adopting sustainable business practices, or focusing marketing efforts on messages that communicate a product's green benefits in terms of product price, place, promotion, publics, partnerships, policy and purse string in strategic, quasi-strategic, or tactical effort cost.

How Can PMC Improve Your Business

PMC assists clients in developing innovative green marketing strategies to adopt SDG and ESG requirements, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiency, thereby gaining a competitive advantage and establishing an eco-friendly brand image. PMC helps clients plan for green marketing programs and guide their company to a new direction through different green marketing strategies to prepare and execute their greenwashing programs, re-branding, and focus topics to deliver the right message to consumers. Consumers need to know why and how to shift marketing strategies to green or greener markets, not just for gaining new market segments, but also to protect the environment for the next generations. Attract new segments of consumers and gain more revenues that bring competitive advantage to become market leaders and influencers via increasing brand visibility and brand recall which offers a unique market positioning.

Benefits from working with PMC

PMC helps clients to enter new markets by bringing attention to positive environmental impact, to pierce new target markets. Green marketing also highlights sustainable manufacturing practices with the use of eco-friendly and organic products like less or better packaging, paperless policies, recycling ink cartridges, planting trees, and reducing your carbon footprint. Further, it improves customer satisfaction by reassuring the products are chemical-free and made with recyclable materials that do not harm the environment. This is a major asset, as conscious customers pay attention to the products, and become more active in voicing the product, leading to an increase in sales.

PMC will help the client to create a wider choice of marketing points that can promote and discuss beyond traditional strategies such as having the lowest price, durability, and style. Focus on the product's environmental and social benefits instead of solely marketing the price and value that can raise awareness on ESG issues which can bring huge momentum to a campaign, an event, a training workshop…etc.

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